about the festival

Lofoten Piano Festival and Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival

The mother festival – the chamber edition – was established in 2004, with the violinist and conductor Arvid Engegård from Bodø as artistic director.

The piano edition came in 2014 as a result of a rather unespected develoment regarding concert grand pianos in many venues.
There are now 8 Steinway concert grands in little Lofoten!

Another reason for the start of the piano edition, was that the the french pianist of international fame – Jean-Efflam Bavouzet – in 2010 said yes to being artistic director. It took some years to get it going, but with Bavouzets big network, the first edition was a success.

Bertrand Chamayou is the artistic director of the piano edition in 2018.

The Lofoten Cathedral in Kabelvåg

festival center

Isabelle Faust in Henningsværs gallery KaviarFactory in 2015.

Our festival center in 2017 festival is Henningsvær, a modern fishing village situated in the municipality of Vågan.

In the summer time, the village changes to a cosy, small little town.

Henningsvær has a lot of atractions, including the gallery for tempory art KaviarFactory.

Galleri Lofoten presents paintings by artists from the northern part of Norway, mostly from the 18th century.

There are lots of places to stay, both hotels, flats and the traditional “rorbu”, fishermens cabins.

One can also eat well at several restaurants in Henningsvær, and the café Lysstøperiet is among Lofotens most popular.


Friends on tour in Berlin, 2015

Since 2014, the festival has had its own group of festival friends, now with more than 60 members.

The members get early access to program info and ticket sale.

Once a year, we make a trip to one of the bigger musical cities in Europe.

In 2015 Berlin, and 2016 Vienna.


Membership cost NoK 500 per year.


Bjørn and Richard moves a piano in Henningsvær.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers helping us arranging the festival. Mainly, they work during the festival with ticket sales, record sales, catering, transports etc. The festival would not be possible without them.


General manager Knut Kirkesæther in the Lofoten Cathedral during the festival 2016.

The festival is a foundation with a board consisting of five members.

General manager – our only employee – is Knut Kirkesæther.

The artistic director of the chamber edition is since the beginning Arvid Engegård, and for the piano edition in 2018, Bertrand Chamayou is the artistic director.

our partners


The Kavli Trust owns the Bergen-based Kavli food group, and this ownership provides the basis for its financial support of good causes.

Part of Kavli’s profits are reinvested to strengthen and develop group’s operations, while the remainder benefits research, cultural activites and humanitarian work through the trust.

Allthough the overall amount can vary from year to year, donations from the trust have recently increased substantially.

LINK has proudly received support from The Kavli Trust since 2012.

Total E&P Norge want to give back to the local communities the company is a part of. We select quality projects that can be deveoped further through our support, and we are a proud sponsor of research and culture.

Total E&P Norge has chosen two completely different types of community support; culture and science. Research is important to the energy industry’s development. We are therefore an active sponsor of doctoral programmes, and support these that are relevant both to the company and the industry as a whole.

We have long-standing traditions of sponsoring culture, as it enriches our employees, partners and the local communities we are a part of. We support a number of cultural projects in Norway, from the very north to the southernmost tip.

LINK has proudly received support from Total E&P Norge since 2007, since 2009 as a main sponsor.

Ensemblet is a group of firms supporting the Piano Festival